Social Distancing Rules during Covid 19

Following the governments advice we can fully re-open but we wish to continue to keep you safe.
These are important to keep us open as a viable business and we ask that they are followed.
  • Maximum of TWO customer in shop at a time (or one Family)
  • Please follow Red/Green Lamps for entry to shop
  • Hand Sanitiser is provided - please use it when you enter the shop
  • Keep handling of stock to a minimum
  • Card Payment Prefered (Contactless to £95)
  • Keep browsing to a minimum - especially if people are waiting outside
  • Please wait outside maintaining social distancing until the shop is vacant
  • Please call us (on the day during out opening hours) if you wish to arrange a collection of items that can be bagged and collected during our opening hours)

If you have Covid-19 Symptons - you should stay at home!